Traffic swarm…naw!

Traffic is the life blood of your internet business, and everyone it seems wants to give you a transfusion.

As you may recall three weeks ago in a post entitled “Where’s The Traffic” I wrote about my attempts during the previous three weeks of promoting traffic through and you may remember I wasn’t overly excited by the results.  Now after six weeks of working their FREE program, investing a total of 12 hours I have come to a conclusion. First let me say that my results may not be the “norm” that others may experience a different outcome (they would have too).

Drum role….in the last 42 days I have received 15 visitors through traffic swarm. That’s correct a grand total of 15. To defend their system my site was viewed over 1150 times but only 15 clicked into the site. They (traffic swarm) delivered what they said they would… but not in the way the average “Joe” would see it.

When someone says they can bring traffic to your internet business site, somewhere in the back of your brain is this small assumption that says “Cool visitors on my site.” But apparently what some of these traffic generating sites really mean is “We will bus traffic past your site and if anyone is interested they can jump off the bus and actually “visit” your internet business.”  At least that’s the case for “traffic swarm”.

So for me and it is my strong opinion that using traffic swarm is just a waste of time. If it were a movie then I would give it thumbs down.

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Don’t Have To Be Irish To Have A Cabbage Niche!

What is the hardest part about creating a website? Actually convincing yourself that you have what it takes to do it. If you have the desire but feel somewhat lacking then get a coach. Once you are in the process of doing then the next hardest hill to climb is finding a niche.  Now there are countless articles written on this subject because people just don’t want to make a mistake. There are hundreds of websites that for a fee will show you secret tools and ways to determine which niche is Hot.

Save your pennies. The answer is here and it’s free.

The answer is cabbage! Did you know that according to Google there are 1,830,000 searches this month for cabbage?

That’s right creating a website on cabbage allows you to retire in just 49 days! What do you mean you don’t believe me…OOPS sorry I thought I was talking to that crowd that believes everything it reads on the internet! My point is just because someone says that a particular topic is a great niche, and you have no interest, then it won’t work for you.

But if you are totally into cabbage then you might want to know that cabbage soup has 246,000 searches and stuffed cabbage has 60,500 searches this month alone. Smells like the beginning of a website to me.

Which brings me to another point, just about any topic you have an interest and passion for can be turned into a great website.  But wait you say you want your coffers to be overflowing with coin and there’s just not that many Irish folk out there (corned beef and cabbage has 40,500 searches)?

What you want you say is “THE” niche the one that will take you to the top. Don’t we all? But you’re the coach you should know, you silently scream. That’s right I am.

As a coach I will advise you on what topics to stay away from. I will advise you on how to determine which of your passions and interests will make a good website. Perhaps we will find a way to combine those interests to broaden that site to allow greater earning potential. I will advise and teach you how to maximize your efforts in your quest to “own” your niche.

As your coach I would tell you that there is no one niche that fits all. Instead you will discover that “The” niche you are looking for is right in front of you…

Bottom line here is your niche has everything to do about you… and who knows your love for cabbage could be turned into a different kind of green$

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Adversity Just Blew Into Town

Sometimes life throws stuff at you that just take’s your breath away. There are also times that we just make the wrong decisions and we have to work through it. Adversity happens and there is nothing we can do to stop it. Yes I know that we can do some things to prepare for it, like put money away for a rainy day, or keep our pantry stocked in case of an earthquake but we really can’t cover everything.

As usual you’re scratching your head and asking, what does this have to do with internet business. Simple, your internet business is a real thing it lives through you. That’s right you give it life. You make it what it is. If you’re going through a bad stretch so does your website, because you’re not paying attention to it.

Oh but you say not so, your life is perfect it’s your internet business that is having adversity, so it’s not your fault.  I almost buy that argument except for one small fact. You are still the creator of your website. If it’s having a bad time and not producing the income you want, it’s up to you to step in and fix it. You must overcome its adversity.

$10.00 question; is HOW? It would be the $60,000.00 question but with this economy I’m taking it easy on you.

First realize that you are responsible for your business. Most of you know that so I’m probably preaching to the choir, but for the few of you out there who want to say “it’s not my fault because…” well it is.

Second realize that you are in a war and that the battlefield is the internet. Just like a real war you don’t have to win every battle, and at times you have to change your strategy. If what your doing doesn’t seem to be working then start thinking outside (your) box and create another plan of attack.

Thirdly don’t panic! Don’t stop doing sound business practices because you read somewhere about this super secret plan that will net you thousands of dollars almost over night. Today I found a site that promised me riches, because the founder was a street person eating hand outs from McDonalds and now he’s rich! So tomorrow I think I will visit my local McDonalds and beg for food. I’m sure that enlightenment will soon follow.

Finally after you have finished your research and have decided upon a plan of attack, stick with it for 90 days. Track your results and if nothing improves then perhaps it’s time for another change. Just keep your changes small so you are able to determine what works and what doesn’t.

One last thought, adversity is just part of life and when it hits, you have two choices; curl up and die or keep going. Keep going is always the best choice.

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Where’s The Traffic?

Driving traffic, words that make internet marketers lose sleep at night. Why?  As everyone knows in order to have a successful internet business your site needs traffic. The web is littered with sites that claim they have the answer to driving traffic. Some offer “secrets” that can be yours for free, until you follow the links and find yourself face to face with a sales page. It seems for the “secret” to deliver the best results you need to sign up for $29.95 or some such number.

I don’t want to paint all these sites with a broad brush because that wouldn’t be fair or accurate. There are exceptions; the trick is to find them. I’m often asked which traffic generating sites are the best ones to use. There isn’t a one answer fits all solution. Sorry to say it just depends!

It depends upon the type of traffic. It depends on the results you’re looking for.

If you owned a China Shop and I was able to drive a herd of Bulls through it, is that the traffic you want? Of course not! Driving traffic to your website is a process that you need to think about and plan before you implement it. What you want is the right visitors coming to your website, the type of visitor who will be a returning customer.

So what other kind of traffic would you want? Just a thought but what about traffic that just pushed your web pages through the competition? Let’s face it if your pages are sitting in the 40th spot on a Google Search, chances are you won’t be found.

With that in mind I decided to try an experiment with one of the sites that claims, if you do everything correctly you’ll have more traffic then you can dream about. I don’t know about you but my dreams are huge.

Anyway I went to signed up for their free service and began to build my points. I spent about twenty minutes a day viewing other member sites, that’s how you earn points. Simple really, a window opens with about 8 links on it. You click on a link and spend at least 20 seconds looking at the site. You are then rewarded between 1-5 points depending on what the site owner stipulated. The points you earn are then spent when others check out your link.

After 3weeks, and spending a total of 4 hours, here are my results.  I earned 637 points.

My link was exposed to the system 522 times, which means 522 points were used.

The number of new visitors to my site…good question according to my analytics it never caused a bump. If 522 points were used, it is my understanding that my site would have been visited 522 times, hence the points being used. However I could be wrong and if I am then we have a mystery. When working on your website mysteries are the last thing you need.

Conclusion…I’m going to give them a second chance.  I rewrote my ad (thinking that it wasn’t compelling enough) so I will spend another 3 weeks and will report back to you. Hopefully I wrote a lousy ad the first time and the results will improve. But as a program for driving traffic, so far I’m not impressed.

As far as I’m concerned if a traffic generating system doesn’t produce noticeable results when it’s free, why would you pay for it? I know I wouldn’t.  That’s my opinion. What’s yours?

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