An Affiliate Marketing Ad Journal

If you are actively involved in affiliate marketing you should be using an ad journal, This is not to be confused with a marketing journal, it’s about keeping track of each affiliate. If your not then the chances are great that you are losing money because you are not well organized.

I understand that most folks like the idea of having their own internet business, I know I do. But any business especially one involving affiliate marketing takes a bit of work,if you want to stay on top of the details. Yeah the details, those pesky little things that put work into…well work. Details are boring. Details are those things you are taking care of while the rest of the family are outside enjoying the pool.

An Ad Journal will definitely help you improve taking care of the important details related to your affiliate marketing strategy.

Let me share some ideas that have worked well for me. As usual I will assume some things, such as;

1) Your website is more then five pages, probably ten pages in length. (I assume this for a few reasons but for this topic it’s because when your doing affiliate marketing, the more pages the more ads).

2) Each of your pages have about four ads, (This is because folks are coming for the informative content correct!). So four ads times 10 pages equals forty offers to keep track of.

3) You are involved in an affiliate marketing internet business because you want to make money. If you are making more then you need, please send the excess to me.

So here is what I do.

In a notebook that I have set aside specifically for affiliate marketing ads I use four notebook pages for each of my website pages. At the top of each of those sections I write the name of the web page.

If I had a site about the Madagascar Roach for example my journal might be divided into the following sections;

Home page
Care and Feeding
Misc Facts

In each of the sections I would list the affiliate marketing ads found on that particular page.
I would list them by;

1) Date they were added to the website page

2) Date they are to be removed. This is especially important because you don’t want folks clicking on a discontinued ad. One it’s annoying, Two it makes you look like the site is neglected, Third that was money you just lost and Fourth chances are that person isn’t coming back.

To make the most of your affiliate marketing you need to use seasonal and special ads. You need to make sure your potential customers get the most for their money because you really care about their money…right? So adding and removing ads is extremely important. That’s why the date removal is so important.

3) A description of the offer. You need to understand which offers work and which don’t. By keeping a journal you should begin to get a feel for what sells.

4) Type of ad. As you already know 80% of visitors will not click on a banner ad, but 20% will. You need to track what your visitors are clicking on. Remember 80% of your income is generated from 20% of your visitors.

These four small details kept in a journal will greatly help you with your affiliate marketing.

Anyone have any additional thoughts they wish to share on what they might include in their journal, let us know. As always looking forward to hearing from you.

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Starting an Internet Business

Starting an Internet Business is like sailing the Titanic. You start the journey with high hopes and a website that you think is unsinkable. After all (in most cases) you have been trained for this moment by professionals. You can’t wait to get your hands on the wheel as the website is launched. As your starting an internet business your expectations are very high.

So why would I even suggest that starting an internet business and the Titanic have anything in common? Simple you have to watch out for the icebergs. That’s right the world is filled with icebergs and unless your prepared, your starting an internet business will be short lived.

Each area in starting an internet business is like an iceberg. It’s easy to recognize one, not so easy to get around it. You have all heard the expression it’s only the tip of the iceberg. That’s because approximately one ninth of it can be seen and unless you can figure out the rest, well you get the idea.

When your starting an internet business the website you create is only the beginning. The coaching you receive can only go so far in the beginning. What you see and what you understand are only the tips of the icebergs. It’s all about you.

If you haven’t grasped or been taught the concepts behind the why you do something, while your creating your website (and if not offered you should demand this by the way).

If you don’t fully understand the battle you are getting involved in, because making money on the internet is not a walk in the park.

If your not prepared to put forth the time and effort to grow your experience,after your website is launched.

Then the demise of your website will be swift and you had no right in starting an internet business in the first place.

I know that making that last statement is not politically correct and it may seem harsh. Good because being politically correct is nothing more then not standing up for what you believe in. Harsh because starting an internet business is work, I’ve said it hundreds of times before.

So should you not create a website because your afraid of failing? No! What you need to do is take full responsibility when starting an internet business. You need to be able to navigate your website through the sometimes murky waters you will find yourself in.

When I coach someone, one of the first comments I make is that my goal is to make sure that you understand the reasons and the concepts behind the why. If you don’t then ask again and again until you do. If you are in a program where that is not happening either get out of it or start demanding. It’s your time it’s your money. You will get out only that which you put in.

Once your site is up and you have been given a blueprint for the marketing of that site. Understand that what you have been shown is only the “tip” of what you will eventually need to do. I don’t care if you are told that what you have been shown is all you’ll ever need (because that is definitely not true). Take responsibility, put forth a bucket load of effort, do what you have been asked, and then magnify it. Look below the surface (remember the iceberg) of what you have been asked to do.

An example. I always suggest that when your doing marketing you should do all you can for free. Free is one of my most favorite things in the world. I show my folks some free websites they can use but that doesn’t mean there aren’t more…find them. I spend hours every week studying and looking for an edge. Guess what? It’s up to you as well. Remember you’re starting an internet business. Do not leave any stone unturned.

Hey if you are interested in starting an internet business, you should do it. Sure it has it’s trials and it’s moments of frustration. Yes there are no guarantees of success. But think about the challenge. If you can take responsibility I doubt very much your ship will be named the Titanic.

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SMS Text Messaging

Yesterday it was direct mailings, today it’s SMS text messaging.

What is SMS? It stands for short message service and allows short text messages to be sent to cell phones from the Web as well as from other cell phones. Yes I knew that you are aware of texting after all everyone is doing it. But are you aware that over 4.1 Billion text messages are sent daily in the USA? Have you put 2 and 2 together to realize that this can be a major marketing tool for you to use?

Here are few thoughts about SMS text messaging to ponder.

1) It is estimated that in general most people open and read a text message within 30
seconds of it arriving on their phone.

2) SMS Text Messaging gets straight to the end user and delivery is fast, efficient and
very powerful. Unlike email marketing where in boxes get cluttered with spam that just too many folks delete before reading.

3) Text messaging as a marketing media is relatively new. Presently it is being used by large companies such as banks, stock brokers, Vodafone and Sony.

4)  There is a tremendous untapped market in the small to medium size private business sector.

5) Some of SMS text messaging practical uses include instant communication between a client and a service provider, for sending passwords or alerts. The use of SMS Text Messaging for announcements to subscribers of a special offer or sale (e.g. Shops and stores).

6) SMS Text Messaging has the facility to text in bulk to your data base.

7) It can be used as an advertising alternative to direct mail, leaflet
drops, and newspaper advertising with far greater results.

I don’t usually promote someone’s business on my Blog. But there are times (few that they are) where I like to pass on a great deal when I see it. For full disclosure I do not receive any financial compensation from this company. None, Zip, Nada etc.

The name of the company is and they are based in Australia.

They have the capability to service any size business with 3 different platforms including an API
that can integrate with most software. You will have the ability to send 1 or 100,000 texts and your
message will be delivered in seconds. The messages are two way, so clients can reply at no extra cost.

I have talked to these folks and they have some great money making ideas that they will gladly share with you. You can visit there website or you can email them at

If you have read this Blog for any length of time you know that I stress that doing everything you can to promote your internet business for free, is the way to go. But even I know that there are those rare times when opening your purse or wallet can help your business.

SMS text messaging as offered by NuTech-Media might just be that time.

Once you have tried it I would like to hear your results.

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Ostrich Racing Keyword Phrase

If you have heard about SEO and Google Spiders then you know all about Keyword Phrases. That statement could just as easily been written as a question and have been just as valid. The truth is most folks have heard about keyword phrases and think they have a solid understanding about how to use them. You might be one of them and so this post just might be a waste of your time.

On the other hand if you’re like me you never really trust yourself to pass on articles that just might teach you something new. After all what’s the worst that could happen? Yeah you guessed it, what we thought we knew we don’t.

Let’s start by stating the obvious; a keyword phrase is simply that word or phrase folks type into a search bar to find information about a topic of interest.

For those of you creating an internet business however, the question now becomes which keyword phrase should you use for the particular page you are presently writing! Stop for a moment and take notice. I said “which keyword phrase” that is singular…please only use one keyword phrase per page.

For the season veterans out there you understand that when I say one keyword phrase I don’t mean just use it one time on that page.

When you have chosen your keyword phrase say for your Ostrich Racing page be sure to use it enough times in the article to make the Google Spiders happy. Remember you choose that particular keyword phrase for a reason. You want to be found. So to be indexed properly you need to use the keyword phrase correctly.

Some Dont’s :

1) Don’t use a keyword phrase that has less then 500 monthly searches a month. Why bother? Not enough folks are searching.

2) Don’t try to jam multiple “keyword phrases” into your article to broaden the search appeal. Here’s why. In order to have the article indexed correctly the keyword phrase must be used a minimum of ten times. Let’s say you have used five so called “keyword phrases”. In order for them to be effective they each must appear ten times. OK two things. First your article will read poorly and secondly which keyword phrase will the spiders chose to index your page?

3) Don’t make up a phrase you think folks will search for. It doesn’t matter what you think. It doesn’t matter that when you use it you find results. Do your homework. Make sure that the keyword phrase is valid. OK now for a horror story from the past.

Back in my hair days when I thought I knew more then I do now. I was creating a website that I knew would be brilliant. Only one problem. I couldn’t find the right keyword phrase for my homepage. I spent days looking and I was to the point of giving up when in a flash of inspiration exploded in my brain (it was probably an aneurysm).

I had found the name for a new computer program that would work fantastically if I just flipped it’s two word name around. I tested it and YES it WORKED!

Relief…and I was off to the races writing content doing my marketing and life was good. Well it was until about three months later when I discovered that folks weren’t using my keyword phrase in searches anymore.

OK you ready? I chose a name of a “New Computer Software Program”. What happens to new software programs…they become outdated. Just like my brilliant keyword phrase.

Bad news for me until I retooled the site with a new keyword phrase.

Bottom line folks there’s more to learn about keyword phrases then what was in this post. Start digging because in the internet world nothing is easy. Contrary to Guru and Snake Oil Salesmen beliefs you need to sweat you need to work…and I say you need to have fun. So good luck and if you have something to say I’d love to hear from you.

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