Blog or Die

Just about everyone has heard the terms Blog, blogger and blogging. You yourself might even be a blogger so what I am about to say may surprise you.

Many many many folks do not understand what a blog is, how it works or what you do! Yes I’m afraid they do not appreciate your art. How could they?

They feel that a blogger is someone who sits around in their underwear spouting off ideas they want the entire world to hear. Because they sit all day in front of a computer Bloggers have no life therefore they must be Geeks. In their free time they sit around playing computer games while sucking down junk food. After all….. writing a Blog isn’t like working.

How wrong those misinformed folks are. Sure we do dress casually ( face it we can). Yes we do want to communicate our ideas to the world (because the world really needs to hear us). Are we really Geeks? Maybe but since when is being a Geek a bad thing? After all a Geek is assumed to be intelligent (and we humbly admit we are). Not all of us sit around playing computer games (we could) and since when are hot pockets (my favorite) labeled as junk food. Now don’t even get me started about what we do with our blog as not working.

Now that we are finished answering the misinformed lets talk about you, your Internet Business and your blog.

If you do not blog your Internet Business will suffer. Your business might even die because you are not taking advantage of a great tool which has the ability to draw in traffic.

Your blog can and should earn you money. Heck your blog can become your Internet Business. So lets address your attitude towards being a blogger and working on your blog.

First if you have read this Blog in the past you may be aware of two major points

(A) I advocate doing all you can for free. Do not pay for services that all the experts claim you must (this goes against the Guru mentality).

(B) There is nothing for sale on this Blog. There is a place for AdSense….nothing there. There are no advertisers listed here. My decision for doing this goes against the experts (in this case they are correct) IF I wanted to make money with this blog….I don’t.

The reason I bring this to your attention is to show that I am making a business decision not to make money from this blog. Because of that business decision it draws clients to me and I’m able to keep the lights on. Also I have no product to promote here (except me) so my views are my own. This allows me to be free to support or trash any product I see fit.

Now for you….

If you are in business then your goal is to make money not spend it. To do that you must be serious about what you are doing. Your blog is a business not a hobby or some cool thing you are doing. Think business. Enjoy business. Act business.

Before you start a blog have a plan. Understand how to create the blog so that it gets the message out. Understand how blogging works. Realize that if you don’t set it up correctly you will not get the traffic you want. Decide how much time and effort you are willing to put into it.

Don’t for a moment think you will be an over night success. Wait…I’m wrong you will be an over night success. What we don’t know is how many nights it will take.

Don’t listen to the Guru’s hype about quantity of posts. This is your Blog just concentrate on quality always quality. Do this one thing and you will improve your chances to succeed.

I did mention that blogging is work but it deserves to be mention one last time in this post. It takes work to get it off the ground. Then it takes more work to keep it flying.

Keep your blog real. Don’t knowingly misinform folks. But know your market and meet their needs. Simple business practices 101

Develop a marketing plan and work it (oops said I wasn’t going to use that W word again) OK deploy your plan. Conquer the different areas in Social Marketing that you need. Take the high ground and push forward never slowing down.

When writing your posts, just be who you  are. Don’t try to write in a style that is not you. It is you that the folks will buy into. It’s how you present things that folks will buy into. just be yourself.

To wrap this up…you need to blog. Once you start you’ll get hooked. I can’t imagine not blogging. It isn’t always fun or easy and at times you wonder if it will pay off.

Just have faith in yourself and remember doing business in the Internet World is war. In my opinion you have no choice, blog or die.

Would like to hear from you.

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