October 2009 I decided to create this Blog to provide a platform to discuss issues facing the newbie and the pro in their quest to begin a successful Internet Business.
I have tried (not so successfully at times) to present the material in a humorous tone. The theme as you go through the posts is simple…do not put blind faith in anyone who promises you a quick and easy road to riches. Also new ideas are not always what they are professed to be.
You will notice that my opinion of “Guru’s” is not very high even though I do know some of them and find them to be nice folks. In fairness to those I know they are highly competitive and have the ability to think outside the box. Nice qualities when you are involved in business.
So my dislike is not with them personally rather with the way they go about presenting their ideas. It is not that they purposely mislead people who pay for their knowledge. I’m not against earning a living passing on knowledge (after all I do coach folks…and get paid). No it’s the fact the “Guru’s” and the Wanna Be’s over state and under state ideas so that a good light is always shining upon them. Sometimes that light isn’t as bright as they promote it.
I am not a “Guru” nor do I ever hope to be one. I never present “secrets” because there are none! I know that for some that statement just can’t be true, but it is. No “secrets” my friends just unlearned truths.
A word to the wise. When presented with the opportunity of a life time (limited of course) to understand the “secrets” of the internet…just run. Save your hard earned money and look for a Coach…someone like me. That was a sad example of my humor.
You see this Blog has nothing to do with me…there are no ads…I offer no books or programs. Yes I make no bones about the coaching I do, but I don’t solicit. I wrote an e book (I will never give you the name of it) nor will I tell you where you can purchase it. Yes I make money on the Internet and I work at home when I want…so what! What’s important is what your goals are and how to achieve them.
This Blog is for you because I’m tired of all those snake oil salesmen out there trying to rip you off and giving the rest of us a bad name. I enjoy what I do and my hope is that you can to.
Oh yes the about page is supposed to tell you something about me, let’s see…I love hot pockets.
My best wishes to your success and I hope you visit and comment often