Bones Of A Successful Website Pt2

Today you will learn about the Red Tuxedo!

Talking about what a successful website looks like last week, I mentioned that the first step was to choose your market wisely. I also mentioned that this first step is something you could not see.

An important piece of information to always remember…There are many parts to a successful website that at first glance you would not be able to notice, but they are there, behind the scenes.

Lets talk about another secret…don’t you just like the sound of that word? Guru’s do…I don’t. Remember what I always preach….”There are no secrets in the Internet Business World, just unlearned facts”……and here is one you should consider.

Big bone #2 a successful website has great meta descriptions.

Now don’t worry about the term “meta”. Before you sidetrack yourself (like a lot of folks) trying to get a clear definition of what meta means, worry instead about what it does.

So what is the meta description and what does it do? First make a note that the meta description is considered by Google to be extremely important to your website, more so then meta tags.

The meta description is 155 characters that defines what the site page is about. It (meta description) is about the site page..not the website.

It is important to note that you need to use your keyword phrase for that page in the meta description…only once! Just a suggestion here, do not waste your characters, duplicating the use of your page keyword phrase.

That is what it is, now picture this…

Your website comes up in the top ten spots of a Google search…yes that day may arrive! You are now in a fantastic situation. The competition opposing your internet business is now 9 against 1. Your site is now poised to attack, and you are ready! At least we hope you are.

How? Because your meta description shows up along with theirs and if you crafted it well, then your site gets chosen. Simple isn’t it? Just create a better meta description then the competition and you win!

Of course the obvious question will be what makes a great meta description.

So ask yourself by considering for a moment your own experiences. What do you do when you are faced with ten websites…you begin to read the meta description of each site. Chances are you don’t make it through all ten, because you found what you were looking for and clicked on that site.

But why did you click on that particular one? Because it was wearing a Red Tuxedo that’s why, and that is what makes a great meta description. Oh you didn’t notice the Red Tuxedo?

The Red Tuxedo defined…

Realize that everyone is following the pure definition of a meta description. The end result is everyone is coming to the wedding wearing black tuxedos. In other words all the meats read pretty much the same.

But hear is where you are different. Yes you follow the basic rules…155 characters, use the keyword once….but that’s it. You are not hear to be part of the crowd. You are not going to allow yourself to be another lamb in the flock.

No! It’s Red Tuxedo time! You are going to write your meta description, in a very different way. You are going to present a question to the reader with humor or straight faced that begs to be answered. You might state an unusual fact that demands the audible…really….from the reader… are going to grab that reader by the lapels and drag them into your website.

You are going to unleash your creative side and cause folks to become like curious George and click (on your Business link) to find the answer. Hey if you sit there and tell me you are not creative…..then my reply would be to ask someone who is.

Now that they have clicked…the timer starts…and you have ten seconds to impress. Next week we will talk more about what a successful website looks like.
Until then contact me with your questions and or ideas.

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