Bones Of A Successful Website Pt3

For two weeks I have been talking about things that folks don’t see when it comes to a successful website. Today lets talk about what you can see. I’m not going to talk about adding photos. You can read what I have to say about that subject.

You should consider how to use and place your affiliate ads.

The use of your ads is a very important component to having a successful internet business. Not only should you follow the tips of that post but you should consider establishing a routine for analyzing your ads.

Remember to keep everything about running your internet business as simple as possible. Simple is always easy and easy is always best…there are no exceptions. So must your “routine for analyzing your ads”.

Once a month check out your ads…are the links still working? If the link works is the ad that appears look appealing to you? Are the ads relevant to your site and to the article content?

The text of the ad..does it move you to click on it? Ask a friend to read it….were they tempted to click on that ad because of the way it is written? Can you rewrite the ad? Should you rewrite the ad or should leave it as is?

Should you move the ad up or down the page? Should you make it bolder? Should you replace it all together?
Create a simple check list for your ads….check the list….it’s simple really and it allows you to keep the ads fresh and energetic.

We are not going to spend a great deal of time talking about content…the list of posts I have dedicated to that subject are numerous. However we will take a moment to touch on a few points.

The content for your articles must..Must…reach out and grab folks. The content of your website needs to engage your readers.

Be bold here! Let your information and your personality shine. How you approach your market…the words you choose… the life you breathe into it…is what helps make a website successful.

Your content must be revisited from time to time (don’t over do this) to keep it relevant. Read it out loud from time to does it sound? Are there new facts that you should add? All I suggest is you review your work.
How is the layout of your site? Is it simple and easy or cluttered with stuff and folks have to use a machete to clear their way through the site? Just something to think about.

In conclusion…

Learn all that you can while building your website, experience the lessons of trial and error. Read, study and listen and you will understand that there is not ONE and Only ONE way to build a successful internet business (so stay away from those who claim there is).
What makes a successful website….you do.

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