Bones Of A Successful Website

Resting in the garden the other day, soaking up some extra rays, I was struck by an idea. Now it’s not that unusual that I have an idea, but this one actually sounded pretty good. So setting down by cherry lime drink I walked into the office, fired up the computer and began to contemplate…

What does a successful website look like?

Now you might think it shouldn’t be that difficult to find a successful website. Sure I thought I can just relate what I have done and that would answer the question. But as I considered that for a few minutes I realized that would not work. Why? Because not everyone has a website in the Yak Dog market. (yes I know I don’t either) The point however is just because I do something and make money at it doesn’t mean you would.

Oh I know that this kind of crazy thinking drives the snake oil salesmen nuts. They thrive on selling folks templates..”Just follow my easy 5 what I did and you too will be able to dump your ugly wife for a super model.

Move out of that 3 bedroom house in suburbia and purchase a fine English type estate and don’t forget to turn in that Ford Pinto for the newest Ferrari. Yup and it will only cost you $299.00
You can not duplicate what someone else has done. You can copy it….(not the same thing as duplicate)..but that does not translate into success.

Instead of finding an example of a successful website to show you. I have decided to list the bones of a successful website.

Big bone #1 you must choose a market wisely. Wait you say! All you need is to be told what the hottest money making market is. That will be your choice.

Alright let me think about that. (You have to assume that I spent a great deal of soul searching, brain crunching and the consumption of two hot pockets before I came up with the following reply)
Silly me….what was I thinking? Of course you are correct. I will just tell you the hottest money making market out there. It’s earthworms.

Don’t believe me? Just check out the numbers…high demand low competition.

When I suggest to you that you must choose a market wisely it is because YOU must Choose!

Let us add the common sense factor to every decision you make. If you have no interest in a market you will have at best a very short run internet business. You will fail, there is no doubt in my mind.

The question you should be asking is not what is the hottest but what market (I have an interest in) can I get into that will bring me success if I work at it. That is the correct question.

Before you ask that question consider this one….How will you judge success?

Too many folks place too many walls before them to create an atmosphere of confusion around themselves. They put themselves in the position of having their noses against a wall and become blind to the answer. What everyone needs to do is take three steps back away from the wall….you will then be able to look to your right or to your left and see the doorway.

Fear of failure wins everyday. If you are afraid to fail you will. (Even if your not afraid you still might just won’t hurt as much)

A successful website begins with you deciding which market you will attack. Therefore you will arm yourself with the correct keyword phrase to act as your doorway into that market. Spend some time…OK a lot of time doing keyword research to find the phrases that will allow you to attack the market at its weakest points.

What does a successful website look like? Sorry to say it begins with the foundation and that my friends you never see.
Next week I will continue this discussion describing more parts of a successful website.
As always I like to hear from you.

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