Fool Proof Social Media Strategy Rules?

There is no way to discuss marketing your Internet business without mentioning the need for a social media strategy. For the sake of this discussion I will assume that you have some understanding what makes up social media but are still searching for a strategy.

I will admit that the internet is filled with experts of every stripe who will gladly share their opinion on the best way to market your website. If you were to take the time to research all their ideas you could walk away having a better understanding of what a social media strategy is. You would also have a major headache trying to make sense out of all your research, as no one ever agrees.

To save you from taking extra strength pain relievers, I have decided to boil those findings down into a pleasant and hopefully easy to understand post on developing a social media strategy.

You might have noticed the posts title. Well the fool proof part is easy you see There are no rules! That’s right no one including myself has the market cornered on how to best market your website.

For those of you who like your answers fast and easy you can leave now. For those who are interested in finding out the whys please continue but be warned we will be talking about common sense!

Here is an example why I say there are no rules. My Internet Business is all about Red Widgets. I have carefully constructed the site to utilize SEO practices. Everything is in place and I’m ready to go.

Darn, your website is also about Red Widgets and you also constructed the site to utilize SEO practices. Now that is not supposed to happen (in my plan). But ding dang that will be the reality, other folks with similar sites. So what do we do?

We come up with a social media strategy to market our sites and hope we can out do the other. To accomplish this a plan must be created and then implemented. Common sense will tell you that we will be using some of the same areas of marketing.

Common sense again…If there was a one social media strategy rules fits all plan, and we both implemented it, how would we defeat one another for getting traffic? That’s easy…I’m smarter then you. (Only kidding)
You see being smarter has very little to do with anything. Knowledge is important but it’s what you do with that knowledge that separates businesses. Book smart will only get you so far, so just stop putting that flimsy road block ahead of you.

Why there is no one size fits all example:

I was talking to another Internet Marketing Coach not long ago and he informed me that if someone was going to use Twitter as part of their marketing, they must tweet 8 times a day. Now he was firm on that 8 times a day. So I asked what is so special about the number 8?

His answer….if you could hear it as a recording…would be the sound of crickets in the middle of the night!
Twitter is one of those free marketing tools (you know I love free) that you use (like every other tool) in a way that works best for you. Lets face it some folks are natural born tweeters…others are somewhat challenged. By the way the I think the #8 was his lucky number. You can pick any number and build a case as why that number works best….for you.

Everyone has access to the same tools, just use them as best you can. Sometimes not knowing that something can not be done is a blessing. Take a look at all the successful folks out there that didn’t realize they weren’t supposed to be successful.

How do you determine the right number of tweets for you? Trial and error, time constraints and writing ability. Simple.

Most folks fall into one of two categories when it comes to implementing their social media strategy.
The first group believes all the hype about how difficult this is, so they place their business in the hands of others. Is this bad? Not if you:

(A) Have the money to spend.
(B) The amount of money (asked for) is reasonable, to you.
(C) Find someone you can really feel you can trust.
If any of one of those three are lacking….don’t do it.

The second group will do the work themselves but they look for the “quick and easy” way. Their problem compounds itself because they do the easiest of things but never on a consistent basis. They fail to see that all their doing is nothing more then dipping their big toe into the social media lake without a strategy. How do they compound the problem?

When they see they aren’t getting much in the way of results, they panic. They look around for a “quick and easy” fix to their problem. They become easy prey to the snake oil salesmen, who promise great results with no work. End result they end up spending monies on programs that are useless.

So what about you? What should your approach be? I’m glad you asked.

(1) Understand the tools at you disposable before you create a social media strategy. It’s not as complicated as folks make it out to be.

(2) Set goals for your internet business. Write them down, be realistic and then cut them in half.
Set your sites high but understand nothing ever goes as planned.

(3) Now develop your social media strategy to fit your strengths. I often hear it said the most difficult and time-consuming pieces are the most effective. Two things to remember when you hear statements like that.

First, there is nothing you are using that is difficult or time-consuming. Like everything else in this Internet World, there is a learning curve, get past it and your fine. A little ways back I did mention folks will do the “easiest of things.” By that I meant they might post a few comments on Facebook (which is easy) but they didn’t give it much thought…no direction.

Second, there should never be just a few pieces to your social media strategy. You must make sure they all work together. If you do, then the plan works and only then will you be effective. No one or two pieces will bring you the results your after.

In conclusion. it’s easy to lose your way in this business world. All you have to do is just relax, use your common sense and develop a social media strategy that makes sense to you….and you will always be on target.

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