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Frustrated with the marketing of your Affiliate web site?

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Enough of this silliness. You have all seen ads similar to this before. Sad thing is they work. Folks line up to plop their hard earned coin down. The good news however is that you can learn from their sales/landing pages.
Any Internet page could be labeled a landing page if it directs the visitor to do something. Notice I didn’t say it make a sale.

You have an Affiliate Website how do you get folks to click on the ads? Again I didn’t say make a sale. It is up to the Affiliates to convert the visit into a sale. But you have to get them there so lets discuss the items you find on a sales/landing page and see if those ideas can be used.

A rule in marketing and sales is to keep the message simple. You want the visitor to feel at ease on your website. How do you do that?

(1) Keep the website clean and clutter free.

Now I have talked about this many times. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. Just because you are techie enough to load up your site with video’s, music, banners and perhaps every 5th word exploding into butterflies….doesn’t mean you should. Unless you really don’t care about making sales.

Notice I listed Video’s and Banners in the list. I’m not suggesting you don’t use these two items. Not at all. Video’s in very selected instances could be a great asset. However most folks who are building websites affiliate or not fall for the dribble that you must use them.

Banners are still touted as the next best thing to slice bread, yet it is proven that readers have banner blindness. The question then becomes why would you add them? to make it worse some “experts” preach that the banners should be at the top of the page…that’s just plain nuts!

(2) An Affiliate web site relies upon providing information.

That means the content you create (underscore the word YOU) must be interesting, informative and directed towards the reader. In my humble opinion you are not standing behind a pulpit preaching down to folks. Don’t frame your content so it comes across like (hey dummy you really need to understand this and by the way you better click on my ads). Remember your reader and you are having a one on one conversation, treat it that way.

(3) Keeping it real above the fold.

What does that mean? Above the fold is an old newspaper term. The important stories are always printed above the fold (so folks wouldn’t have to unfold the paper). It is meant to grab the readers attention.

That is why you create your article in such a way that the main points are spelled out first. Grab their attention, create interest so your reader will continue through the article and the rest of your ads.

Should you have an Ad above the fold…darn right you should.

(4) Ad placement.

I said earlier that the “experts” preach banners. I will suggest to you that Text Ads work a whole lot better especially if you use your content to walk them into the ad. make the text ad part of the content. That helps keep the page simple and clean. If done correctly you could list a few general benefits of the advertisers product before the reader reaches the link.

Example: Say you have a site about pets. The article is about pet care. The sentence leading up to and including the ad might read like this, ” Keeping your pets coat healthy and tangle free is easily accomplished when you use pet conditioners from (add the text ad here).

(5) Build trust.

Seems like a no brainer, if the visitor feels comfortable on your site and they perceive that it can be trusted, your half way to making money.

Funny thing this trust. I was reading an article written by a “Guru” who was taking about trust. One of his ideas was to place a personal picture on the site to show folks that there is a person behind the site. Then he quickly added don’t use your picture choose a free one from the Internet. He was talking about building trust, he just doesn’t know what it is. By the way do not add your picture to your Affiliate website.

Just don’t say anything on your web site that is not true. Don’t say the product is great if you never used it. Don’t try to be an over the top salesperson, you don’t have to be.

Your web site doesn’t need to look all glitz and glamour….just real.
These were just a few ideas I wanted to pass on to perhaps help you past the road block to making money through the use of Affiliate Marketing.

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