Not More Marketing!

Marketing, marketing and more marketing. That is the answer. That is all you ever need to know to become successful with your Internet Business. Just stop what your doing (after you read this post that is) and grab your marketing hat and get to work. OK I’m not being totally honest here.

The reality of running an Internet Business is much more then reaching out and saying hey visit my site. There is more then just placing social media icons on your site or just saying “like me.”

Yes there is much more but today no one wants to hear that. What they want is to sit back in their hammock and listen to the rustling of those greenbacks fluttering around the yard. The hammock part is great but I’m too much into money to just let it flutter away. Admit it… you are too.

Marketing is all everyone wants to talk about. You would think that with all the chatter out there folks would be able to get it right. But no….mistakes, mistakes and more mistakes. How can we (I will include myself to make it fair) make so many mistakes especially in Social Marketing?

Here are a few thoughts that you might want to consider…see if you can relate to these mistakes. If you do…change what you are doing.

1) Haphazard and half way attempts to get your message out. You know what I mean. One week you are on top of your marketing game with guns a blazing. The next week you have more important things to do and you make about as much splash in the social media pool as a gnat. Something to think about when “life” gets in the way of your business.

2) How many folks do you know that have absolutely no personality….yup your right… none. Everyone and I mean everyone has a personality and yes you are correct some hide it very well. So tell me is your personality hidden in your marketing? If it is you lose…game over..take down the tent and just go home.

3) More more and more……more what? Well more of everything. Folks just like more. Now you younger folks won’t appreciate this but back in the day….really back….more wasn’t necessary because stuff was quality stuff back then. Food was quality…movies were quality…products were quality….there is a theme developing here. Today we are used to more being less in every aspect of our lives. Don’t make that mistake in your marketing! It isn’t about more no matter what you are told. Ask yourself…How is the quality of your content?

4) Social…what does that mean? Used to mean knowing your neighbors, talking over the fence. Used to mean being polite and courteous. Used to be being interactive with folks. Well it still means those things. When it comes to social marketing, folks just seem to have forgotten what being social means. Do you approach social marketing like an irritating neighbor that is always trying to sale you Avon? (No disrespect intended to the Avon folks). Are you genuine in your marketing? If you are not being social your just another bothersome bug on someones windshield.

5) Ever notice how people judge you by the way you dress. It’s true we all know that. When we were teenagers we didn’t care about that right…wrong we did…we wanted to fit in with the rest of the group. Marketing is the same.
You will be judged on what you you say it and if it is put together correctly. Now if you have read this blog for any length of time you know that I have no clue about spelling, punctuation or grammar. But hey I’m not selling anything. You are…don’t be perceived as an uneducated amateur.

Today we covered 5 areas that you should be focused on when your marketing your website. There are more mistakes that you might be making so lets cover those next week. As always I would like to hear your comments..good or bad…I like them all.

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