Rating Social Media Types

Everyone is talking about Social Media as if it were a nice tidy package wrapped with brightly colored paper and topped with a big bow. (two days before Christmas what do you expect)

At first blush it does seem that way until the Guru Grinch’s attempt to snatch it away from you tearing and ripping until the contents are spewed across the Internet. Why oh why do they do such things?

Could it be they are lonely and they crave your attention? You know it does get cold, windy and miserable sitting all alone atop those mountains. So what better way to get noticed then to insist that creating and running an Internet Business is difficult. But we digress, back to the Social Media package.

Once you open the package you discover what looks like a 10,000 piece puzzle with no flat edge pieces to help get you started. (The Grinch’s are smiling). However do not worry because what you see is not real. Its that Grinch magic that is clouding your vision.

Sure there are many pieces to Social Media but (grab that cup of special egg-nog) you control how the pieces of the puzzle go together. Yup! Social Media is made up of free flowing shape shifting flexible pieces that you control.

(The Grinch’s have quit smiling)

All you need to do, is to not be, dazzled by the bright twinkling lights, the festive glass ornaments and all the shiny tinsel. All you need to understand is that you are in control. Below I have listed some of the mainstays of Social Media for you to compare as you decide how to proceed in your marketing.

By the way everyone of these Social Media Types is Free. You do not have to pay to play.

Rating…. A

Blogs…. There are two types of Blogs…Yours and theirs and both can work for you. Your blog is your chance to supply great lively content, buckets of information and easy linking to where ever you wish your guest to go.
You visiting their blogs (other blogs in similar markets) and leaving links back to you. This works great if you do it correctly.


Social Networks (Like Facebook)….Huge potential market that just expands and expands, provided your comments are not like the Avon Lady who lives next door. You know the type. Every time she sees you she asks you to buy something. Success here is never ask someone to buy…just entice them to your site.


Forums…. It’s all about the Q&A. Forums are platforms for question that as a member you get to answer. It does not allow you to promote your site with a link nor are you able to suggest you have a site. But it does allow folks to view your profile. The overlooked bonus and why I have rated it so high is because it gives you up to the minute insights as to what folks are asking. Potential customers are asking questions in forums, use that information to your advantage. Your fingers are on the pulse of your market.


Twitter….is a lot like fishing. You cast out your comments and hope for the best. Many folks deem this as true social marketing but ask yourself at 144 characters is it really social. But it does work its fast and its easy.


Linkeden….not an area you might consider for Social Media but it is in the package. Most folks go there to become connected. Business to business or to find a job etc. What might surprise you is the wealth of information that is floating around the site. Plus you have a chance to express yourself and establish yourself as an authority.


YouTube….Don’t believe all the hype about how great this Social media format is. Can it bring folks to your site, yes if you can create a fresh clever video. Placing it on your site…not the best idea but hey folks do it all the time…myself it will be a blue moon indeed before you see one on any website I have.
Well that about wraps up my rating of some of the mainstays of Social Media. I would love to hear from you especially those of you who disagree.

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