Second Half Of Marketing Mistakes

All we are going to do today is talk about a few more mistakes that folks sometimes make when they are engaging in the social marketing of their internet business. Last week we went through a few ideas and we will use that same format today. I was told that I came across a little rough in that last post.

If I did come across a little rough..then fix the mistakes, make some sales.. and take yourself out to dinner….because…

Marketing is essential to your business. It is the life blood of your business. Without effective marketing you have absolutely no chance of making any real money with your website. No one wakes up in the morning looks into the mirror to discover that they just became a marketing expert. This is an area that you learn through failure. Don’t panic because you will experience some success as well. But remember you never really learn how to ride a bike until after you fall.

Last week we went through five mistakes, here are a few more for you to consider and change if necessary.
1) Have you heard the one about the door to door salesman who visited hundreds of homes just to say Hello? No you haven’t and you never will. So why then would you spend a ton of time and effort to do marketing but never ask anything of anyone. Why wouldn’t you at least say “Come and see what we have?” Why would you not suggest that “We have what your looking for!” Get the hint? I hope so….Ask.

2) How many of you want to get an email from me talking about my Uncle Stan’s cat Fredrick? How about a phone call where we talk about how I feel depressed today because my big toe was run over by an old lady on a moped? (No disrespect to old lady’s who ride mopeds). Truth is I wouldn’t want to hear that stuff. Just like I wouldn’t want to see your marketing efforts sliding down that slippery slope of being too personal. Keep the focus on business, because that is what it is.

3) That leads us into the squishy place called profiles. I am not a big profile guy (for good or bad) I don’t like talking about myself. I don’t mind talking about others (kidding) but it is an effort for me to sell me. So if you suffer the same problem then here is a hint. Don’t talk about you..except in the third person. Write your profile as if you know nothing about yourself except that which the public would have an absolute need to know…..professional only, but make it count.

4) If running an internet business can be compared to being in a war (that is how I approach it) then your marketing ideas are a series of battle plans. So how good are your plans? If the business is war and marketing are plans then your various websites/blogs are your troops. Are you communicating and engaging your troops in a united and concentrated effort? If not, why? You are making a critical mistake if you are not combining all your assets.

5) Would Custer and the 7th Cavalry have benefited if they had retreated? (Never mind that they should have never attacked). Yes they would if they could have. They would have realized that they had just stepped in it and it was time to regroup. Should you ever retreat? Yes if…you are staying on top of your marketing and realize that you are going in the wrong direction. But here is the tough nut to consider….are you really so engaged that you can truthfully say…time to rethink my marketing.

There are more areas to consider but the bottom line that leads to failure for anyone is a lack of consistency. In the last two weeks we have gone through ten areas that need to be done correctly in order for there to be success in marketing. Like I said however there are other areas of marketing that we have not touched upon…yet.

Last week I began the post by saying that marketing, marketing and more marketing was all you needed to be successful in an internet business. However the one true piece that is absolutely necessary for success is the consistent belief and consistent action on your part that you will succeed.

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